Bridget Hanna is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Social Science & Environmental Health Research Institute in the Sociology Department at Northeastern University, and a Visiting Scholar at the Harvard University Asia Center. Her research focuses on environmental risk, exposure, and biomedical determinism. Her dissertation, Toxic Relief: Science, Medicine and Uncertainty after Bhopal, analyzed the relationship between epidemiological research studies, clinical care, and illness narratives in the context of a chronic mass exposure. Her book manuscript, Just Relief: The Long, Strange, History of Bhopal’s Lost Survivors is a history of the dangers of representation, collectivization and reductionism; a road to systematic discrimination paved by some bad, but many good intentions.  Her latest project, Cruel Nuture: How Toxicology is Reshaping Determinism studies the scientific praxis of interdisciplinary exposomics, and interrogates the risks and rewards of integrated environmental health facilitated by big data and biomedical ontology. She tweets about environmental health and interdisciplinarity @socioexposome,